Friday, September 03, 2010

IFA: What's Hot This Year?

The amazing thing about the electronics industry is it's ability to turn anything from a profitable niche into a painfully cheap commodity.  In recent years, as companies have retreated away from feature-function overload, they have moved towards design, style, and health / wellness issues.  The result: everyone is selling a sleek black TV set and a blender that makes smoothies.

Last year at IFA, we got a dose of a bunch of soon-to-be-failing fads at IFA:

  • 3D TV: I never thought this would take flight, and it really hasn't.
  • Skype-On-TV: I thought this would hit, and it hasn't
In general, despite all the efforts to converge, TVs are still TVs.  But like all tectonic shifts, the rate of change accelerates over time and by the time it is visible in the mainstream, it is nearly over.  And so it will be internet TV, which is truly gathering momentum.

New fads this year at IFA?  3D TV is still on the menu and mobile video is rising up fast.  Internet connected appliances are also starting to arrive.  But will they make us all smoothies to sooth our aching eyes from 3D TV overload?

Smoothie Image, Flickr CC Maltman23

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