Monday, November 29, 2010

Hey Amazon, I want to SCHEDULE my deliveries

Ah Black Friday.  My Japanese AuPair hit the stores starting at about 7am.  She was out all day.  She was out, in fact, from 7am to 7pm.  And she didn't buy anything.  She just wanted to see the consumption frenzy on the biggest shopping day of the year anywhere.  She came home amused but empty handed.  I guess she wasn't willing to put an elbow into that Wal-Mart opening crowd for the really great deals.

I myself bought nothing.  Nothing at all on Black Friday.  I buy about 99% of all Christmas Gifts on Amazon.  The prices are excellent (not always the absolute lowest) and they're free of sales tax and come with free fast shipping.

There's one catch: I don't want my gifts sitting around from December 1 to 25.  I wouldn't have the self-control not to open them and neither do most of my friends & family.  I want them to arrive on/around December 21-23.  The problem is, you can't "schedule" the deliveries on

So Amazon: here's my request: let people schedule gift deliveries with a 3-4 day window before the selected event.  Then I would do more shopping on Black Friday or Cyber Monday or whatever.  More money from me.  I know you want it.

Just enough room for my holiday shopping.  Flickr (cc)

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