Friday, August 13, 2010

What Google TV Needs To Do - Integrate Integrate Integrate

The market for online content is coalescing quickly.  The past few days Netflix has announced a stream of big deals designed to bring fresher content to their online offering.  The deals look expensive, given their high customer acquisition cost and churn rate, but they may not have much choice.  Postal costs are rising and users are increasingly looking online for content.

At the same time, Hulu Plus is getting rolled out.  With Hulu Plus, you can watch full seasons and enjoy many programs in high definition and on mobile devices.  Combine that with free over-the-air television for news and major sports, and you have the makings of credible alternative to cable television for lighter TV watchers.

Hulu Plus is $9.99 monthly and Netflix's streaming plan is $9.  That means $18.99 for the two combined - a pretty reasonable price for so much content.  But what's missing is the integration.  One user interface, one program guide, one way to find what you want and then watch it.  Hence the opportunity for Google TV.  Integrated and simplified, it could prove that even on TV, search is the killer app.

Hulu Plus + Netflix: All Your Entertainment Anywhere You Go  (Photo by Daily Life of Mojo)

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