Tuesday, August 10, 2010

No Cellular Data, No Problem

Without cellular data, it would seem impossible to get your e-mail on your mobile phone when traveling overseas.  Not so.  I have an unlimited text messaging plan and receiving is free.  So all my e-mails are being forwarded to me by Google as text messages.

Elegant?  No.  The formatting is terrible and the iPhone handles text messages poorly, but it is free and it does work.  Since 90% of the time I am reviewing and reading messages to check content, this is very effective and costs me nothing.

If only I could get a feature in G-mail labs that would strip all unnecessary formatting and send a clean, crisp text to my phone - then it would be almost perfect.  There's no real replying either, but for the moment, this is far cheaper way to get my current notes overseas than actually using AT&T's data roaming.

Text Me.  Image by Erik Schlange

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