Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nothing Special In The Air: Lufthansa's A380

Airlines have often used big new airplanes as opportunities to roll out updated products.  Despite the hype, however, the A380 looks to be different.  Unveiled in an era when first class is all but extinct, the super jumbo seems to have little to recommend it other than it's new.

Today will be my second flight on the A380 and I can already tell this is the last time I'll bother to remember that.  While some planes seem to be universally wonderful (The 767, 747), the A380 seems to be quite boring. 

Most boring of all?  Lufthansa's implementation of the A380.  The airline has done really nothing new in coach or business class to make the plane differentiated or special.  In coach, the squeeze remains as tight as ever.  And in Business Class, Lufthansa is determined not to break down and give people an actual flat bed.

The result: its just a big plane.  One that will bring a big line at the beginning and the end of the flight, but nothing special in the middle.  All things being equal, a flight on a United 767 would probably be much better.

Photo from Globetrotter

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