Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Not-So-Clever Commerce

The bar is always rising for what constitutes smart usage of eCommerce.  It used to be that I was quite satisfied just to receive news of offers that might interest me.  Today, I expect web sites to do more than that: I expect them to tailor their offers to what's actually available.

I got to thinking about this because I got an e-mail earlier this week from Patagonia announcing an end-of-year clearance sale.  As interesting as that might have been for me, a regular sucker for their over-priced clothes. (Let's be honest, I'm not doing any mountain climbing soon).  I scurried over to their web site to see what would make me look more athletic than I am and sure enough, there were a few items that I was interested in.

Too bad not a single one of them was going to fit me.  As much as I might wish for one, I will never have a 30" waist and I can only pray that I will never balloon up to an XXL.  As for all the stuff in-between, almost all of it was sold out.  Really, Patagonia should know better.  Any scan of my past orders would show up sizes in the M-L range with a 32" inseam on pants.  And all of it mens clothing.

What do I really want?  A tailored email showing me only the items that were on sale in my size range could have resulted in far less disappointment.

Gosh, which size should I get?

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